Security Grilles

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Easily Arrange the Fitting of Security Grilles in Ilford

Fitting security grilles to your Ilford property is a great way to keep it safe from intruders while not having a major impact on the way it looks. With a huge range of grilles which can either be fixed – left in place – or retractable, which slide or fold into concealed places when not in use, you’ll always be able to find one which meets your needs and those of your property.

We provide fully secure, guaranteed and hassle-free installation of any type of grill you might have in mind.

Why would you need this service?

Installing security grilles is the first choice of many people in Ilford when it comes to improving property security. A security grill:

  • Can be fitted to any type of property, domestic or commercial
  • Can be retracted when not in use
  • Can be chosen from a wide array of different types and patterns, making any look achievable

But for whatever reason you want to fit a grill, this service is the one you need. Everything required is included, so you won’t need to hire additional companies to provide other bits of work.

What you get:

Getting your security grill fitting services in Ilford from us ensures that you get:

  • Installation and planning completed by highly trained and qualified professionals
  • Quality standards maintained and checked by a dedicated Control team
  • The opportunity to select any of a huge range of grills and grill types
  • Comprehensive insurance cover and a six-month guarantee

How your security grill installation services work

Once you’ve told us you’re planning on getting a grill fitted, we offer an onsite meeting with one of our specialists. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have and take any measurements so that your final fitting can go ahead with ease.

Highly trained professionals with multiple qualifications complete all of the services we offer, so when you book with us you’ll be in safe hands.

Get the appointment which works for you

Because we offer 24-hour customer support options, you can always get an appointment which fits in with your schedule! Call now when you want:

  • A free quote without any obligation
  • To arrange that meeting – again without obliging yourself to hire us
  • An appointment any day of the week, weekend or on a Bank Holiday